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Worker's Compensation covers manual therapy (97140), including massage when prescribed by your physician.  Once the C-9 form is completed by your physician, it will be sent to your insurance company for approval.  This process usually takes 7-10 days to complete. Once the C-9 is approved, treatment can begin.

The C-9 needs to state a frequency (how many treatments per week) and duration (how many weeks of treatment). As with most physical medicine, it is generally recommended to start with a high frequency/short duration, and phase down to a low frequency/long duration.  Finally, the length of the treatment must be specified, half hour or one hour.
Sample Treatment Plan*

 Phase I       3 one hour treatments 
                    per week for 4 weeks.

 Phase II      2 one hour treatments 
                    per week for 6 weeks.

 Phase III     1 half hour treatment
                    per week for 8 weeks.
Only your physician can determine the appropriate treatment plan for you, based on your individual medical condition.  This is only a sample treatment plan, and you may require fewer or more treatments.  Only your physician has the knowledge and authority to determine the treatment plan best for you.
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