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Virginia Johnson, MS, RN, LMT

Clinical Massage Therapist
It has become increasingly challenging to honor gift certificates due to scheuduling restraints. In order to adequately treat clients, I find the need to restrict gift certificate purchases. Gift Certificates are available for current clients use only. To clarify, the recipient must be a current client of mine already. 

To purchase a gift certificate for a CURRENT CLIENT please call or text me at 330-388-7355. The preferred way to conduct the transaction, is for you to text your request and provide an email address. I will email the gift certificate as an attachment to print out asap, and you can mail a check to me. The check needs to arrive before the recipient schedules their massage in order for the gift certificate to be honored.

Alternately, you can stop by the office when I am there to pick  up the gift certificate, and pay by cash, check, debit or credit card. Finally, you can provide your debit or credit card number over the phone and I can email the gift certificate to you.

Thank you for understanding,

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